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Homme/ Planning & Construction

Homme is focusing it's vacation home development projects in both resort & urban locations with a high gay demographic.it's important  that an existing gay infrastructures be present  [i.e. bars, community centers, hotels etc.]. Tolerance in terms of political rights & community relations are also a variable. Unlike gated condo communities, Homme developments will attempt to intergrate themselves with their surrounding neighborhoods. One could describe the process as micro development with Homme [in some locations] developing multiple projects that operate under the Homme Group infrastructure in the same community.

As mentioned previously the vacation residences will be owned by those retired & those approaching retirement with 50 being the minimum age.There will also be in select projects,  hybrid hotel / residence combinations offering investment opportunities with no age restrictions. 

The Homme residences will be constructed either as totally new construction or by converting existing buildings. Climate, existing zoning regulations & codes will be variables in the design process. For instance tropical areas or areas with an extended summer season,  covered  outdoor structures with screens would be appropriate. In other areas time share agreements by the occupants would be legally possible. Some communities will permit each unit to have it's own mini kitchen which is the type of amenity that surely would increase the value of the units.

Homme/ Socialization & Design

Homme as a design concept could be described as a boutique hotel with a communal dining restaurant & has a design program with similar emphasis. It’s this emphasis that distinguishes it from conventional shares homes which are more centralized in terms of socialization. The bedroom units will provide sufficient lounge space so that co-owners can have their privacy as well as entertain friends in their own units. Those units will provide bar sinks, fridges, microwaves,  toaster ovens, hot plates & other basic kitchen supplies. Some units with shared baths will  also provide  private outdoor sinks, showers & eco-toilets.  

The lounge & dining spaces will be designed in a more structured manner similar to commercial hotels but with more of an emphasis on one on one interaction. For example interior lounge seating will consist mainly of paired seating arrangements while poolside lounge chairs will be mainly side by side in linear configurations. The typical communal dining table will be 3’- 0”wide by 10’-0”long with the heads of the tables without seats thus encouraging multiple conversations at the table.

Homme/ Admission 

Co-owner applicants who initially have to pass a financial review will have to meet compatibility standards which involve a standardized process. While socialization is as previously mentioned akin to staying in a small boutique hotel, the co-ownership aspect will require a thorough vetting process with the steps as follows.

1.    Financial Application
2.    Interview with a Facilitator
3.    Questionnaire
4.    Profile Preparation
5.    Mixer
6.    Applicant on Applicant Reviews
7.    Facilitator Group Proposal
8.    Final Homme Management Travel Group Approval

 In addition there will be an expulsion provision where one does not have to violate the agreement per-se. This will involve a substantial quorum of votes to expel a co-owner & an agreement to compensate him at a rate substantially higher than the fair market value of the shares. This is indeed a worst case scenario, since the standards of compatibility are significantly higher than those of your typical cooperative apartment building which is a model in terms of a business & in some ways a social structure.   

Homme Group Inc. 

As previously stated Homme Group Inc.  is a for profit corporation with a board of directors consisting of corporate board of directors and representatives of Homme investor affiliates. The Management division will provide all updates & standards for all affiliates which include the following:

1.    Website/ Blog
2.    Design Standards
3.    Maintenance & Structure Standards
4.    Menu/Recipe Planning
5.    Affiliate Reviews                                                                                           

In addition the management division will give final approval to all co-owner candidates & incoming affiliates & mediate any disputes between affiliates should they arise. It will also act to promote the Homme concept through PR & web promotion. Additionally it will assist in recruiting facilitators worldwide who will be compensated with commission.

The Travel division will coordinate all trades, tours & sales trips & receive compensatory commission. In terms of the exchange mechanism please refer to Homme Affiliate Exchanges & Homme Vacancy Availability.

Tours will be developed by Homme travel with an focus on culture, spirituality, wellness & holiday celebrations & be promoted online. An example of some of the tours could be as follows Architecture Tours of Barcelona, Alternative Yoga, Gay Male Self Awareness or Queensday Celebration Amsterdam. Affliliate members would have to approve & schedule the tours which most likely utilize all the bedrooms in the facility. This would generate income equaling approximately 50% of the rate paid in comparable hotels.

Sales trips will be offered to all Homme pre-applicants who are interested in investing in one of the existing or yet to be formed groups. Sales visitors unlike the tours will for the most part occupy single bedrooms in the facilities. Having passed the preliminary part of the Homme application process provides the residing co-owners with a compatible short term guest. Again the income generated would be approximately 50 % of the rate paid in comparable hotels.

Homme development  division will travel the world in search of appropriate projects.

  * [An emphasis will be made to fill the facilities in periods with the highest vacancy rate like low season & mid-week periods. HMT Travel will also propose packages with nearby destinations that will combine a mid-week stay with a nearby weekend stay to create a conventional 7-10 day tour. Local Homme affiliates might, however offer their most desirable periods simply because of their high profitability].        

Homme Affiliate Management Structures

Homme affiliate individual management structures will vary from location to location. One common element of all the structures will be the affiliate manager which we will refer to as the host. It will be the hosts responsibility to coordinate repairs, bills, cleaning, meal prep, purchasing, guest & tour stays. HMT will provide guidance in developing in developing an appropriate structure.

In some affiliates the host might live in while in others he might only be present 3 nights a week. In most cases it will also be cost effective if the host cooks [because of the simplicity of the Homme meal plan guide high level culinary skills will not be necessary.]   

Homme Meal Plans

Homme meal plans in different affiliates will again vary, but will maintain standards in terms of quality. HMT will furnish a Homme meal plan guide collected  recipes with an emphasis on ease of preparation, healthy balanced ingredients & culinary sophistication. A vegetarian & low calorie alternatives will be offered at every meal.    Three preparation methods will be employed freshly-prepared, semi-prepared & totally-prepared. A guide will provide the affiliates guidance in designing an appropriate plan.

In terms of comprehensiveness a minimal weekly plan could offer 3 freshly or semi-prepared dinners with 4 totally-prepared dinners usually on alternating days. A more complete plan could include 6 freshly or semi-prepared dinners with one totally prepared dinner & daily totally prepared breakfast & lunch.  

Homme Affiliate Exchanges

Two distinct formulas will provide scores which will be assigned to affiliates to valuate both exchange time  & a daily use fee. This, in addition to foreign monetary exchange adjustments, will insure an equitable Homme exchange process.  
Exchange time will be given a score commensurate with a combination of capital improvement investment, basic maintenance, local hotel rental comparables [which will also reflect differences in seasonal & weekend/weekday differentials.] & a basic exchange ratio which will track time spent by co-owners in other affiliates compared to time spent by guests in their affiliate. If affiliate A receives a final score twice as high as affiliate B one will be able to share 2 days in A in exchange for 1 day in B.

A daily use fee will be paid by guests to their host affiliates that will compensate hosts for utilities, salaries & wear [which will be based on the investment in furnishings.] Again if  affiliate A receives a final score twice as high as affiliate B the daily use fee for affiliate A will be twice  the cost.         

Homme Vacancy Availability

It’s in the interest of all affiliate co-owners to list their share time as available since the tours & sales trips will generate considerable income for the group & the exchanges will give co-owners not only travel options but provide new social interaction between the guests & hosts from around the world. A carrot & stick approach will be employed offering both bonus points & the ability to be a guest in other affiliates in order to maximize availability. Bonus points accrued by co-owners will be tabulated at the end of the year to give co-owners a cash bonus based on their proportion of points & the income generated by the tours & sales trips. Availability will be created in the following ways.

1. In order to exchange time in another affiliate members must offer availability of their share time double that of which they are seeking, this based on the exchange score.

2. The co- owners will also post, on a monthly basis, their share time availability. They will be compensated for this with bonus points.

3. The co-owners will receive availability requests from HMT travel on a rotating basis. They will be compensated for this with bonus points at a rate higher than the posted availability.

4. The board of directors of an affiliate can require mandatory availability of the facility.

Finally for all exchanges, sales trips & tours rooms will be filled in a rotating formula. There will also last minute availability for the co-owners based on a rotating availability & their agreement to depart in the event of a conflicting booking.       

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