"An innovative

new concept in

gay living" 

homme group

Homme is an affiliate group of gay co-owned upscale vacation retirement residences offering international exchange options. With “boutique hotel” private bedroom suites, communal dining & lounge facilities Homme Group is expanding to distinctive properties worldwide. This innovative partnership concept provides compelling advantages to conventional rented & owned homes. 

carefree living

Carefree Living: Collective maintenance & meal plans are distinctive amenities. Your Homme host manager will deal with day to day issues like bill paying, purchases & cleaning. Daily gourmet dining in the communal dining room is part of a carefully planned flexible program. Co-owners can also book kitchen/dining facilities for their private entertainment uses. 

carefree living

Rental Income: Retreats, tours & sales trips can offset your monthly payments. Homme Managements travel division partners with Homme Piede-a-Terres to provide retreat & workshop tours with a focus on culture, spirituality, wellness & holiday celebrations. There are also sales trips that promote expansion of the concept to individuals in respective locations. Co-owners have the option of renting their space to the division & thus receive income.   

global living

Global Living: Travel the world with exchange stays in our expanding affiliates. By purchasing co-ownership shares in a Homme residence, you can trade time-blocks with other co-owner groups in other destinations. Guest privileges are also given to the co-owners to share their respective plans with friends. Our network is also expanding providing exciting future options, imagine fall in Barcelona, winter in Puerto Rico, spring in Amsterdam & summer in the Pines.

homme retirement

Homme Retirement: The mission of Homme is twofold. First to provide vacation home options for gay men currently working, but approaching retirement as well as gay men currently retired. Our recruiters will create development groups with a 50+ age demographic. In select locations, however, there will investment options as well with no age restrictions.

sound retirement

Sound Investment: Like a coop apartment ownership is secure & transferable. Homme is a house/apartment ownership program. You actually own shares in a corporation. The value of your shares increase with the rise in local real estate values & you can sell them to an enlarging pool of potential investors. Finally when compared to the cost of a rented home & time spent in hotels long term savings can be substantial.

how it works?

contact: Glenn Hanna / recruiter

646-685-6398 [email protected]